Pricing & Session Info


Your one-time session fee includes everything you need to get the full experience…Your session will take take place in my home studio, which has been specially designed to accommodate all your session needs. This includes a playroom for your children to use as they wait for their turn or if they need a break. This also includes a HUGE supply of outfits and accessories for your baby or child to use so you don’t have to worry about a thing when coming in for your session.  I do my best to customize your session for you and your style! Your session also includes a high resolution disc with a large variety of edited photos in both color and Black and white, as well as full printing rights. Each session also includes my time to shoot and edit your photos, as well as 50 4×6 Prints from ProDigital Photos…  I do my best to give you the highest quality photos without breaking the bank :) Please allow 5-8 weeks for your photo disc to be ready.  Turn around time, really depends on the time of year :)

Please plan to book your session at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure availability.  Please email me at to schedule your session.

You can book your newborn session at any point of your pregnancy, some clients even book as soon as they find out they are pregnant!


Other important information for all sessions

**All sessions must pay a $50 non-refundable fee that is paid at the time of booking to reserve your session. This fee will go towards your session fee.  Your session is not booked until this is paid. This includes Mini sessions. **

*We accept checks and cash. We also accept PayPal, but add a 4% service fee that is charged by PayPal. We also accept Venmo.

* All returning clients will receive $25 off their session.

*There is a $75 rush fee if you need your pictures back within a week.  This option is not available in the month of November or December.

*I do not EVER give out unedited photos.

* I am not currently shooting outdoor sessions on a normal basis, but will occasionally make an exception if I can. If you are wanting a outdoor session of any type, please email me at If I am unavailable, I will give you a referral photographer that can help you with your needs.


Children $400

This session is for one child in studio, an additional $50 for outdoor. $25 for each additional child added to the session.  Sessions run about 60 min and you can do as many outfit changes as you’d like, or as your little one will allow us to do :) . You are also welcome to use any of the hats, headbands and dresses that I have available. This session includes 20-30 edited images.

I don’t normally photograph babies between 1-5 months old, but email if this is something you are wanting and I can see if it is something I can do or not. The best age to photograph babies after their newborn session is 6-8 months old. This is the age where they are sitting on their own.  The next age that is very popular is 1 year olds. They are much more challenging to photograph, but I get the best personality shots from this age. Feel free to bring a birthday cake for them to dig into at the end if you would like. I try to schedule these sessions after naptime. Please don’t bring a hungry, sick or tired baby, it’s almost impossible to get any shots out of grumpy babies. I don’t mind rescheduling last minute if your baby is having a bad day.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing older children too!! Just try to plan in advance if you are wanting photos for Birthday parties, invitations, announcements or other special events, just so we have time to get the photos back to you in time for you to use them :)


Newborn $575, additional $100 for twins

 This session is for a newborn & parents only.  This session is for in studio only and usually lasts about 2-3 hours. We edit the best 20-30 shots. The best age for newborns is  5-7 days old.  It is rare that I will photograph a baby older than 10 days. Please book your session while your still expecting, I recommend 8-10 weeks in advance.  We schedule off your due date, and if you deliver early, I will do my best to adjust your appointment accordingly. In this session, we will do as many different poses as baby will allow, and we also get pictures with parents individually and together with baby.

I will email you a list of “Special Instructions” as your session date approaches.

If you would like to add siblings into the newborn session, it is $25 per additional child.  This will include group shots with the newborn and a couple of individual shots of each child in one outfit.  If you would like to add one casual family photo to this session it is an additional $50. If you do plan on bringing extra children to this session, please try to also bring a extra set of hands to help with the kiddos…

Maternity Session $375

This is a special opportunity to capture your changing body and little miracle growing inside of you! The sessions run around 60 min, and include photos of Mommy, and Daddy is even welcome to join us for a few shots if he would like. If you are wanting to add any other Children to the session, it is $25 per Child. This price is for a Studio session, but you can opt to do outdoor for an additional $50.

High School Senior Portraits $400

60-90 min session, and you will receive 20-30 edited images.   This session is done in Studio, but we can do outdoor, on location for a additional $50. You can also do as many outfit changes as you’d like in this session. These sessions are a lot of fun and we really look for ways for individuals to express their personalities. Feel free to bring something that represents you, ie, a guitar, soccer ball, Letterman jacket etc

 Family Sessions $575

This price is for up to 6 people and the sessions usually runs about 90 min. We add $25 for each additional person. I do not shoot extended families anymore, but email me at and I can give you a referral.  The family session is also done in studio with access to my clothing and props for the children. We get several family shots, sibling groups, and individuals of each child. We can also get other groupings that you are hoping to get within the allotted session time. I love to stylize the session to fit your needs and ideas, so please just communicate anything specific you are wanting to do so we can work together to make this session perfect for you and your family! I do not schedule many family sessions any more, so if this is something that you are wanting me to do, please schedule in advance. If I am unable to get you scheduled, I can give you a great referral to another photographer.

Commercial & Specialty Sessions

Email for quote

I have had the opportunity to photograph products and do stylized sessions for some of my favorite shops and boutiques!  I love working with vendors and always jump at any opportunity I can.  However, I no longer do these sessions for trade alone. If you are interested in scheduling a commercial session and getting beautiful professional photos for your business, please email me at and We can discuss your needs and what all would be included in your session.


Little Mae Mini Sessions

I  randomly schedule children’s “mini sessions” through out the year. The pricing on these sessions may vary, depending on what is included in that particular session. Usually we have different vendors joining us, and it is always a fun event! Please make sure you “follow” me on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you hear about these upcoming sessions, or any other special offers.


Contact me at